The Skincare The Pros Are Using Right Now

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With so much new skincare, science and ingredients hitting the market and an endless array of product hawking in our IG feeds, it’s getting harder and harder to break through the clutter and determine what products will really deliver. 

We’ve got the insider info from some of the industry’s most trusted MDs . These tried and tested products are getting a lot of love where it counts – from the pros you go to for skin advice. 

Regular Retinol: Retinol use at night can enhance healthy turnover of skin and keep up overall quality of appearance. A daily retinol treatment like Aforé Retinol Cream help improve the appearance of fine lines and deeper wrinkles that result with aging skin. – Chicago & Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon, Julius Few, MD

The Primer Pick: “My absolute must-have skin care product is ALASTIN Regenerating Skin Nectar. I personally love products that are ‘multitaskers,’ and this one is known for its patented TriHex Technology peptides, which improve elasticity and texture of the skin while rebuilding the skin’s extracellular matrix (ECM). I also love the texture of the product—it’s smooth and silky, due to Dimethicone—which makes it an excellent primer before the makeup or sunblock application. I use it every morning and night on my face, neck and chest.”  – New York Dermatologist, Marina Peredo, MD

Stem Cell Stimulator: “I began using the DefenAge Clinical Power Trio on one of my upper arms and was really surprised to see a significant change within 2 weeks. The crepiness on my arm was visibly less that on the non-treated arm and the skin was tighter, smoother and brighter. Patients who have used it for 6 weeks have noticed a definite reduction in wrinkles and pores and a brightness that is striking.” – Lincolnshire, IL Dermatologist, Amy Forman Taub, MD

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